We have interviewed three key people in remote learning. These visionaries explained how they see the future of remote learning, which financial models will work for the remote learning startups at Stanford, what the advantages and disadvantages of distance education are, and how remote learning can make a difference.

Peter Norvig InterviewPeter Norvig: Director of Research at Google. He teaches with Sebastian Thrun at 160,000 enrolled for this class. Ai-class was featured in New York Times. He recently announced that there will be more classes in more subject areas.

Dan Cardinali: President of Communities in Schools, a federation of independent organizations in 27 states with a common goal of addressing the dropout epidemic. They connect students in need (personally, economically or in any way) with a non-profit that deals with such problems. Or, they provide the student their own resource to help facing problems.

Paul Mitiguy InterviewPaul Mitiguy: Senior Consulting Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Stanford University. He is known for his Socratic teaching methodology.